two guys making movies


Foolish Gentlemen founders Jake Rubin and Max Pava met while studying acting at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, through the Atlantic Acting School. Just before graduating, they founded Foolish Gentlemen Films, LLC in order to begin production on their flagship series, The Fantastic Adventures of Foolish Gentlemen. Their similar taste, like-minded approach, and love for entertainment has made way for their continual collaboration.


Fools are silly and carefree. Gentlemen are honorable and chivalrous. The Foolish Gents hope to marry these attributes to create high quality, entertaining, and original content for years to come. 


Don’t you look handsome
— supportive parent


Jake Rubin hails from Chesterfield, Missouri where he would run around in his younger days pretending to be a superhero. Now grown, he hung up his cape, picked up a camera, and made a life realizing his imagination. 

Max Pava came to New York City from Newton, Massachusetts. His pop-culture loves include The Muppets, Judd Apatow, and all Boston sports teams. At age 3, he could perform the entire score to The Sound of Music, and did so frequently for anyone who would listen.