The Fantastic Adventures of Foolish Gentlemen

a six issue sit-comic about epic romance, boring jobs, and noble shenanigans

Issue 01: Discontent 

Tim daydreams about a more exciting life, Jonathan rallies his band for a gig, and Peter plans to propose to his girlfriend Chloe at their housewarming party. 

Issue 02: Confusion

Tim is haunted by last night's drunken escapades, Jonathan grapples with love for the first time, and Peter fantasizes about how to spice up his relationship.

Issue 03: Timing

Tim asks Ellie out on a date, Jonathan embarks on a quest to find his one true love, and Peter connects with a stranger in the park.

Issue 04: Games

Jonathan calls for a meeting of the minds, Tim and Peter attempt to drink their way to clarity.

Issue 05: Love

The gang attends a formal event, Tim and Jonathan face a new rival, and Peter makes a stand.  

Issue 06: Truth 

The gentlemen face their problems without the help of their fantastic imaginations.