Cast & Crew



Tim: Andy Ottenweller
Jonathan: Justin Danforth
Peter: Sean Brannon
Ellie: Justine Magnusson
Vivian: Lauren Lietzke
Chloe: Jamie Wolfe
Julie: Nora Garrett
Carl: Matthew K. Davis
Katie: Jennifer Blakeslee
Lester: Mike Wesolowski
Mark: Daniel Tepper
Alex: Eric Williams
Preston: Thomas E. Sullivan
Sally: Adrienne Joyce
Walt: Keenan Jolliff

The cast features over 75 incredible actors. Their aptitude for combat, music, verse & being super charming makes for stand-out performances whether they are playing super heroes or lowly office workers. You can find the talent in Daredevil, Love, Vinyl and more.


   ArtworkLauren Rubin
Costume Designer: Gigi Hernandez
Music Director: Ryan Vona
Fight Director: Tommy Schutz
Fight Choreographers: Tommy Schutz, Sam Ogilvie, Jake Rubin, Jefferson Reardon
Dance Choreographer: Summer Bills
Editors: Jake Rubin, Kieran Mulroy
VFX: Patrick Lomantini
Colorist: Daniel T. Smiley
Sound Designer: Dennis Hu
Foley: Jonathan Fang
Music Supervisor: Sam Belkin
Composer: Sean T. Mallow
Music Mixer: Keenan DuBois

Our talented crew and design team spans across the country, from New York to Ohio to Missouri to LA. With the combined effort of our art, sound, VFX, music and costume team, the unique "sit-comic" style come to the forefront of the series.     


Sit-Comic: Artwork & Graphics


As a series deeply rooted in comic book culture the style of Fantastic Adventures takes a few cues from the medium. Each episode is labeled as an “issue” and brandishes its own unique cover art, created by our graphic designer and illustrator, Lauren Rubin.  

In Issue #1, we learn that Tim and Peter worked on a comic book in high school, Tim being the writer, and Peter the illustrator. We get hints of Peter’s artistic talents littered throughout the series through original artwork, also created by Lauren Rubin. 



The style of the series is illuminated by the VFX and sound designs, created by Patrick Lomantini II and Dennis Hu respectively. Key sound effects are given visualizations that let the audience feel like they are watching a comic book. 


Battle of the Bands: Original Music

The Fantastic Adventures of Foolish Gentlemen boasts two fictional bands: The Bashful Pickles, and The Plymouth Rockers.


The Bashful Pickles

The musical styling’s of Jonathan’s acoustic, doo-wop band, The Bashful Pickles, are a lynch pin of the series. Their music is brought to life by original compositions from Broadway actor, Ryan Vona. With over 8 years of experience arranging and performing a cappella music, Vona transformed our actors into a real band, with a unique sound that beats strongly at the heart of Foolish Gentlemen.


The Plymouth Rockers

The scene stealing Keenan Jolliff enters in Issue #05 as Walter Rawley, the one-man boy band that wishes he was all five of the Backstreet Boys. The Plymouth Rockers is in every way the opposite of The Bashful Pickles. Where the Pickles feel folky and raw with tons of heart, the Rockers are electronic and beat driven, inspired by the works of Justin Bieber & Owl City. Their song, "My Har(d)t" was co-produced with Jolliff, who has been creating original music with his own band, breathingsparks, for the past six years.


Step for step: Choreography



Tim, Jonathan, & Peter are no strangers to stylized combat and the many forms it can take as their fantasies often transform them into Jedi Knights, Kung fu masters and medieval warriors. These fights were meticulously designed and rehearsed with our team of certified fight choreographers, Tommy Schutz, Jake Rubin, Sam Ogilvie and Jefferson Reardon. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.57.51 AM.png


While the guys may prefer fooling around with lightsabers, every gentlemen must engage in the graceful art of dance! Thanks to our brilliant choreographer Summer Bills, there are two dance sequences in the series, that allow us to see the softer sides of Tim, Jonathan, and Peter. 


If you have any additional inquiries regarding the series, how it was made, and how you can contact our cast & crew for hire, please email us