It's the morning of the Pickles big gig, and Jonathan receives some bad news: the band has been replaced by another group. Not to be deterred, the gang decides to crash the party. New enemies arise, old demons return, and tensions come to a head. 

Featured Soundtrack

"Pride of Lions" by ManiacThe gang gets ready for the big party
"My Har(d)t" by The Plymouth RockersThe main act at the party performs
"Viv and Let Die" by The Bashful PicklesThe real band takes the stage
"Fool of the Fates" by The Bashful PicklesJonathan and Walt face off
"Valley of Shadows" by The Musket Vine: Tim is left on his own, Jonathan scores with Vivian, Peter returns home
"Musical Number" by Ryan Vona: The gents reflect on their broken romances

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Issue 06: Truth

The gentlemen face their problems without the help of their fantastic imaginations.