Episode 8: Season Roundup - TV Winter 16'

Find out what shows from this past television season were worth the watch. From the frighteningly fresh to the lovable long-runners, the Gents give you the skinny on everything they found time to tune in to. 

Show Notes

Shameless (0:37)
Billions (6:44)
Walking Dead (11:45)
Black Sails (19:24)
Animals (25:23)
American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson (29:40)
Spring Preview: Kimmy Schmidt, 30 for 30, Preacher, and more (44:08)

Believe it or not we actually recorded a discussion that included even more shows. We both had high praise for Broad City, and were very intrigued by Louie CK's independently produced Horace and Pete. If our winter list left off some of your favorites, let us know what you watched and what you'd like to hear us cover in the future. Email us at foolishgents@gmail.com.