ISSUE 01: Discontent

Timothy Stills is an aspiring writer and a self-proclaimed loser. Despite his inherent charm and plentiful imagination, he has resigned to constant disappointment, settling into a relationship that's bound to fail and a job that fails to excite. His only respite comes in the form of extravagant daydreams and juvenile shenanigans with his roommate Jonathan Wells, and his best friend Peter Kubert.

Featured Soundtrack

"Fish In The Dirt" by The Crisis Team: Tim trudges through another day at work
"A Short Story" by Daniel Ori QuintetTim snaps into reality at Peter & Chloe's party
"Love is Like" by The Bashful Pickles: Jonathan & his band perform for the party
"Maybe My Luck Will Come Again" by Nobody Can DanceKatie is totally tanked
"True Pair of Eyes" by Coco Dame: Tim takes shots with the mystery girl
"Summer Blues" by Emerson StarJonathan finishes his business and rallies the troops
"Paper Hearts" by The AirplanesEnd Credits

Next Issue

Issue 02: Confusion

Tim is haunted by last night's drunken escapades, Jonathan grapples with love for the first time, and Peter fantasizes about how to spice up his relationship.