ISSUE 02: Confusion

Brutally hungover, Tim tries to piece together the happenings of the night prior. Unfortunately for him, help is hard to come by as Jonathan is utterly enamored by his most recent one-night-stand, and Peter is figuring out his next move after his botched proposal. Tim, left to his own devices, attempts to shake off whatever mistakes he may have made, and get his life back on track. 

Featured Soundtrack

"Let Me Be Your DJ by Envy: Flashback of the gang hitting the bars
"Post Apocalyptic Pussy" by Nobody Can DanceFlashback of Tim leaving Julie drunk voicemails
"Comin'" by Paul GrimstadTim sees Ellie everywhere he looks
"Sepia" by Dig For Honey: Peter & Chloe finish a movie
"Love Games" by Dorey the Wise:  End Credits

Next Issue

Issue 03: Timing

Tim asks Ellie out on a date, Jonathan embarks on a quest to find his one true love, and Peter connects with a stranger in the park.