ISSUE 03: Timing

Love is in the air as a revitalized Tim puts his jitters aside and works up the courage to ask Ellie out on a date. Meanwhile, Jonathan, armed with an address and endless determination, sets out to woo his one true love, Vivian. Peter, continuing to feel out of sorts with Chloe, heads to the park to blow off steam but is faced with an unexpected challenge. 

Featured Soundtrack

"Despedida" by Espagueti: Tim waits for Ellie at the cafe
"Nostalgia" by The Musket VineTim and Ellie have a coffee date
"Gold Rays" by Vinyl PinupsTim takes Ellie to a street fair, Jonathan stalks Vivian, and Peter sits in the park
"All Paths Lead To You" by Canyon KidsEnd Credits

Next Issue

Issue 04: Games

Jonathan calls for a meeting of the minds, Tim and Peter attempt to drink their way to clarity.