ISSUE 04: games

It's gentlemen's night. Jonathan gathers Tim, Peter, Carl, and the Bashful Pickles for an evening of debauchery and scheming. Fueled by a drunken passion, Jonathan sets off into the night to make a desperate play for Vivian's heart. Meanwhile, Tim and Ellie grow closer, and Peter reaches a decision about Chloe. 

Featured Soundtrack

 "Faced Rebirth (feat. Tate Tucker)" by Garrett Lodge: The gents get TURNT
"Sonnet 155" by The Bashful Pickles: Jonathan & the Pickles serenade Vivian
"Thea" by Chelsea Sue Allen: Peter slums through his daily routine
"Before Leaving" by The RotariesEnd Credits

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Issue 05: Love

The gang attends a formal event, Tim and Jonathan face a new rival, and Peter makes a stand.